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Why Hire a Technical Writer When You Can Hire a Work Process Documentation Consultant? 

Turn to Leghorn Learning Programs to document your

  • Program Guidelines
  • Design Standards
  • Internal Work Processes
  • Regulatory Compliance Programs
  • Reporting Protocols
  • Job Procedures   

Let Us Help "Write Your Ship"



Many companies are plagued by missed deadlines and production shortfalls. While workers often get the blame, the root cause can be traced to confusing or poorly defined work processes. Work flow processes that are not clearly understood by the team members are probably not documented effectively.  


We have found that ordinary workers can produce exceptional team results when the game plan is unmistakable.  Regardless of the size and reach of the program, clear and coherent guidance documents will:  

♦ Provide better alignment among workers 

♦ Improve accountability 

♦ Ensure seamless transitions as workers change roles


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