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Our Goal is to Help Clients Become Smarter and More Efficient in the Work That They Do


Use the Documentation Process to Drive the Kinks

From Your Work Flow Processes

Improve Your Work Processes

Customers choose Leghorn Learning Programs Inc. because our documentation specialists elevate technical writing to a new level. Our highly experienced work process documentation consultants will work with you to renovate work processes and provide you with high quality guidelines, procedures, and job aids so your workers can consistently perform at the highest level.

How It’s Done

Our consultants rely on industry experience and technical training to quickly and efficiently view your work processes from the outside. An unbiased perspective enables us to expose problem areas that might otherwise go undetected. We work with the client to design the appropriate work flow improvements, select the best document formats and prepare superb guidelines, procedures, and job aids. Take some time to learn how the documentation process can help improve your bottom line!

About Us

High quality technical writing begins with a review of the targeted work processes and affected job roles.  The Work Process Documentation Consultants at Leghorn Learning Programs work closely with the client's subject matter experts throughout the documentation process. Problem areas are readily exposed based on the simple fact that work flow steps, which are difficult to describe in writing, will be equally as difficult to execute. Exposing the problem areas stimulates the in-house discussion that is required to design a solution. 

Clients who use the documentation process to drive work flow improvements have an advantage over the competition. Process documentation helps ensure  alignment among coworkers and the seamless functioning of work processes as personnel transfer in and out. Along the way, problems get resolved and efficiencies are discovered. 

Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of our clients by helping individual workers become smarter and more efficient in performing their jobs.  We use the documentation process as the launch pad for ideas that make work processes function more smoothly while adding money to the bottom line. 

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